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Foolproof Tips to Help You Promote Your Business or Your Brand

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<b>The quick-and-easy guide to effective social media marketing</b> <p><i>Social Media for Business</i> is the essential guide to navigating the social media maelstrom and effectively promoting your business online. You’ll learn how to develop a simple marketing plan, use social media effectively and measure the results of your efforts as you turn contacts and followers into customers. This new third edition has been updated to reflect the expanding influence of Instagram, and includes Snapchat, Security, Social Influence and updated case studies that illustrate the rapid evolution of social media as a business tool. You’ll learn about the recent changes to Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest and how to factor them into your strategy — as well as when to decide to transition toward or away from any specific platform. <p>Social media can help you expand your networks, engage with your customers and help you grow your business, but not all platforms work for all businesses. The best results come from directed effort and stellar execution, and this book shows you how to make it happen from setup to sale. <ul> <li>Learn where to focus your efforts for maximum gain</li> <li>Discover the newest platforms, their demographics and their potential</li> <li>Understand key changes that can affect the way you use major platforms</li> <li>Build an <i>effective</i> social media presence that translates into business</li> </ul> <p>Not every business needs a Facebook page, but every business <i>does</i> need <i>some</i> sort of online presence — and social media can be a high-impact, cost-effective way to reach thousands of potential customers. From building a profile to creating and curating content, <i>Social Media for Business</i> is packed with guidance every business owner needs.


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