Social Psychology


A Critical Agenda

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This is a major textbook in social psychology which deliberately adopts a critical, unconventional approach.<br /> <p>Until recently social psychology seemed to have escaped relatively lightly from the climate of critical questioning which has characterized other areas of the social sciences. But this has changed: it is now possible to identify a clear forum of challenge, which could be described as “critical social psychology.”</p> <p><i>Social Psychology</i> draws upon and consolidates this new current of thinking, while at the same time providing a wide-ranging and critical introduction to the field. It introduces students to the concepts, methods and debates in social psychology, but does so in a way that is questioning rather than dogmatic. The overall argument of the book is that social psychology has not uncovered the origins of social behaviour and experience but has “brought them into being” by virtue of the theories and narratives constructed by it.</p> <p><i>Social Psychology</i> is a textbook with a difference, introducing the central issues and concerns of social psychology within a framework of critical scrutiny. It is suitable for first and second year undergraduates in psychology and social psychology.</p>


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