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Soldier Dog by Sam Angus is an emotional, action-packed, moving book set during the First World War, perfect for fans of Michael Morpurgo, with a new cover for the 100 year commemorations in 2018.’He’ll always be true, faithful and brave, even to the last beat of his heart.’It’s 1917. In the trenches of France, miles from home in England, Stanley is a boy fighting a man’s war. He is a dog handler, whose dog must be so loyal that he will cross no-man’s-land alone under heavy fire to return to Stanley’s side, carrying a message that could save countless lives. But this journey is fraught with danger, and only the bravest will survive.As the fighting escalates and Stanley experiences the true horror of war, he comes to realize that the loyalty of his dog is the only thing he can rely on . . .]]>




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