Solid Waste Technology and Management, 2 Volume Set


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The collection, transportation and subsequent processing of waste materials is a vast field of study which incorporates technical, social, legal, economic, environmental and regulatory issues. Common waste management practices include landfilling, biological treatment, incineration, and recycling – all boasting advantages and disadvantages. Waste management has changed significantly over the past ten years, with an increased focus on integrated waste management and life-cycle assessment (LCA), with the aim of reducing the reliance on landfill with its obvious environmental concerns in favour of greener solutions. With contributions from more than seventy internationally known experts presented in two volumes and backed by the <i>International Waste Working Group</i> and the <i>International Solid Waste Association</i>, detailed chapters cover: <ul> <li>Waste Generation and Characterization</li> <li>Life Cycle Assessment of Waste Management Systems</li> <li>Waste Minimization</li> <li>Material Recycling</li> <li>Waste Collection</li> <li>Mechanical Treatment and Separation</li> <li>Thermal Treatment</li> <li>Biological Treatment</li> <li>Landfilling</li> <li>Special and Hazardous Waste</li> </ul> <p><i>Solid Waste Technology & Management</i> is a balanced and detailed account of all aspects of municipal solid waste management, treatment and disposal, covering both engineering and management aspects with an overarching emphasis on the life-cycle approach.</p>


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