Solitons in Optical Fiber Systems


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<p>This book begins with a generic approach to the soliton concept, considered as a particular solution of some integrable equations. Afterwards, the author provides an overview of several linear and nonlinear phenomena in optical fibers, which become relevant to understanding soliton behaviour in different conditions. After discussing the main properties of ideal fiber solitons, the author discusses their propagation in some realistic transmission systems. The use of fiber solitons beyond transmission systems, namely in fiber lasers, couplers, and pulse compression schemes, are also described. Two chapters fully describe the particular characteristics of dissipative solitons. One is dedicated to stationary dissipative solitons, including their interaction and the formation of bound states. The other is dedicated to pulsating dissipative solitons, including plain pulsating, creeping, erupting, and chaotic solitons. The impact of higher-order effects in these pulses is also discussed.</p>