Sometimes Ivory, Sometimes Sand


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Sometimes, people live lives that are worlds apart from each other, yet similar in their oppression. Having glimpsed freedom growing up in a privilege family, Laila Jagir, the daughter of the powerful councilman in the district of Rahat, is unwilling to settle into a life of constraints as she grows into a woman. Elsewhere, in far-away Mahlah, Jasmine Mir, nurses a broken heart, having witnessed her family break apart and disappointment in love. When their fortunes reverse overnight, fate brings the two girls together. When a momentous bill proposing that women be allowed to hold elected office in the country’s national council is introduced, Laila is convinced that life for her fellow women will change for the better only if their true representative is placed in the highest office in the land. And so begins the campaign of a lifetime, as Laila and Jasmine join forces to begin a movement that has the potential to change their lives and a nation. But politics is a dangerous world where authority needs to be fought for, and the powerful will do anything to make sure that they do not lose their grasp. A captivating story of two young women on a journey of self-discovery, Sometimes Ivory, Sometimes Sand interrogates what it means to be brave when you must sacrifice everything you hold dear for the greater good.



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