Sort Your Brain Out


Boost Your Performance, Manage Stress and Achieve More

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<p><b>OPTIMISE AND ENHANCE YOUR BRAIN</b></p> <p>We all know that we’re capable of more than what we’re already accomplishing. But what if we discovered the tools we need to get the most out of our brain and achieve unheard-of mental performance? <p><b>CHANGE YOUR HABITS.<BR>UNCOVER NEW LEVELS OF PERFORMANCE.</b> <p>With expert guidance from accomplished neuroscientist, Dr. Jack Lewis, you’ll discover how to unlock the hidden potential of your brain. Using simple tools and techniques you can use each day, <i>Sort Your Brain Out</i> will show you how to: <ul><li>Utilise the principle of neuroplasticity to transform your daily life</li> <li>Harness straightforward strategies to learn new behaviours</li> <li>Turn these behaviours into lasting habits and new skills</li> <li>Understand the latest developments in brain-enhancement</li> <li>Create better strategies for team innovation and problem solving</li></ul> <p>You owe it to yourself to squeeze every last drop of ability from the astonishing organ between your ears. <i>Sort Your Brain Out</i> is your roadmap to mental performance improvements you never imagined.