Space. Life. Matter.


The Coming of Age of Indian Science

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Phenomenal achievements in astronomy and chemistry, pioneering research enabled by India’s space programme, its capacity for drug development and leather manufacturing – the story of the march of the country’s science infrastructure and the people behind it is little known and infrequently discussed. Spanning more than a century, this challenging journey, though beset by the travails encountered by a newly independent nation, has also been marked by the establishment of world-class institutions such as the IITs, IISc, TIFR, ISRO and the Raman Research Institute.This fascinating narrative explores the path-breaking contributions made by India’s scientists to original research and what they mean to the country’s progress – from the Kolar Gold Fields experiment with cosmic rays that kick-started modern Indian science to ISRO’s stunning space observatory built under severe constraints, from the construction of the world’s largest telescope in Ooty to the development of structural biology at IISc and, most recently, the significant contribution of the country’s scientific institutions towards developing cutting-edge diagnostics solutions and treatments during a global pandemic.Enlightening and inspiring, this singular, comprehensive account of the pride of place that Indian science occupies in the world is essential reading for all.



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