Speed, Aggression, Surprise


The Untold Secret Origins of the SAS

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The Who Dares Wins Pioneers The origins story of the SAS is a myth. This is the real story of how the world’s preeminent Special Forces came into existence.Speed, Aggression, Surprise is a fly-on-the-wall, character-driven story of how, from the wreckage of Dunkirk, emerged the idea of guerrilla Commando units who could inflict devastating ‘mosquito stings’ on larger, and better-armed opponents.It’s a story of how the shock of defeat propelled an unlikely group of renegades into the frontline of the war. An adventure that reaches back from the trenches of the Western Front to high piracy in the deserts of North Africa to the final assault on Germany. It’s a story that comes together in the corridors of headquarters, on long nights at the long bar in Shepherd’s Hotel in Cairo, and on the deadliest battlefields in history, around a cast of insubordinate mavericks who didn’t fit into the tight military hierarchy.Jumping between dramatic accounts from the field and back-channel power negotiations, and pulling in a cast of characters that includes Evelyn Waugh, Ernest Hemingway and Randolph Churchill, as well as a lot of alcohol, amphetamines and grenades, this is the real story of the SAS as you have never seen it before.]]>



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