Sports Research with Analytical Solution using SPSS


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<p><b>A step-by-step approach to problem-solving techniques using SPSS® in the fields of sports science and physical education</b></p> <p>Featuring a clear and accessible approach to the methods, processes, and statistical techniques used in sports science and physical education, <i>Sports Research with Analytical Solution using SPSS® </i>emphasizes how to conduct and interpret a range of statistical analysis using SPSS. The book also addresses issues faced by research scholars in these fields by providing analytical solutions to various research problems without reliance on mathematical rigor.</p> <p>Logically arranged to cover both fundamental and advanced concepts, the book presents standard univariate and complex multivariate statistical techniques used in sports research such as multiple regression analysis, discriminant analysis, cluster analysis, and factor analysis. The author focuses on the treatment of various parametric and nonparametric statistical tests, which are shown through the techniques and interpretations of the SPSS outputs that are generated for each analysis. <i>Sports Research with Analytical Solution using SPSS® </i>also features:</p> <ul> <li>Numerous examples and case studies to provide readers with practical applications of the analytical concepts and techniques</li> <li>Plentiful screen shots throughout to help demonstrate the implementation of SPSS outputs</li> <li>Illustrative studies with simulated realistic data to clarify the analytical techniques covered</li> <li>End-of-chapter short answer questions, multiple choice questions, assignments, and practice exercises to help build a better understanding of the presented concepts</li> <li>A companion website with associated SPSS data files and PowerPoint® presentations for each chapter </li> </ul> <p><i>Sports Research with Analytical Solution using SPSS®</i> is an excellent textbook for upper-undergraduate, graduate, and PhD-level courses in research methods, kinesiology, sports science, medicine, nutrition, health education, and physical education. The book is also an ideal reference for researchers and professionals in the fields of sports research, sports science, physical education, and social sciences, as well as anyone interested in learning SPSS. </p>


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