Starting Your Own Practice


The Independence Guide for Investment Advisors, Attorneys, CPAs and Other Professional Service Providers

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<p><b>Provides expert&nbsp;insight and advice&nbsp;for professionals&nbsp;looking to strike out on their own, fully&nbsp;updated to reflect current trends and issues &nbsp;</b></p> <p>Considering the overabundance of professional service providers toiling at monolith employers, you might want to&nbsp;start thinking about business independence.&nbsp;<i>Starting Your Own Practice:&nbsp;The&nbsp;Independence Guide for Investment Advisors, Attorneys, CPAs and Other Professional Service Providers</i>&nbsp;offers you step-by-step guidance on&nbsp;the entirety of&nbsp;the independence process, from your initial decision to break free, to managing your business, to your ultimate exit strategy.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>In the 15 years since&nbsp;he&nbsp;first wrote&nbsp;<i>Starting Your Own Practice</i>,&nbsp;author&nbsp;Robert Fragasso&nbsp;has gained&nbsp;invaluable practical experience&nbsp;continuing to lead&nbsp;his own independent investment management and financial planning firm.&nbsp;Now in its&nbsp;Second Edition, this popular guide&nbsp;provides more depth on management considerations, transition to business maturity, and eventual profitable business succession. The author has added a wealth of alternative ideas on how to&nbsp;leverage your skills and talents in your own business,&nbsp;license&nbsp;your&nbsp;services and infrastructure,&nbsp;plan for your retirement,&nbsp;and more. Sharing new insights&nbsp;on&nbsp;making&nbsp;the independence move quicker, easier,&nbsp;and&nbsp;less costly, this new edition:&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Provides straightforward information on both the financial benefits and risks of starting your own practice&nbsp;</li> <li>Helps you decide if you truly want to go into business for yourself&nbsp;</li> <li>Offers expert guidance on planning your move and structuring your marketing, managing, staffing, and general business operations&nbsp;</li> <li>Discusses&nbsp;practical&nbsp;considerations such as leaving your current employer, converting existing clients, protecting your confidentiality, and financing your new business&nbsp;</li> <li>Provides new and revised content throughout, including additional in-depth commentary on management considerations and transition to business maturity&nbsp;</li> </ul> <p><i>Starting Your Own Practice: The Independence Guide for Investment Advisors, Attorneys, CPAs and Other Professional Service Providers</i>&nbsp;is indispensable for anyone providing skilled personal services.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>


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