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This groundbreaking, interdisciplinary volume brings together diverse analyses of state space in historical and contemporary capitalism.<br /> <ul> <li style=”list-style: none”><br /> </li> <li>The first volume to present an accessible yet challenging overview of the changing geographies of state power under capitalism.<br /> </li> <li>A unique, interdisciplinary collection of contributions by major theorists and analysts of state spatial restructuring in the current era.<br /> </li> <li>Investigates some of the new political spaces that are emerging under contemporary conditions of ‘globalization’.<br /> </li> <li>Explores state restructuring on multiple spatial scales, and from a range of theoretical, methodological and empirical perspectives.<br /> </li> <li>Covers a range of topical issues in contemporary geographical political economy.<br /> </li> <li>Contains case study material on Western Europe, North America and East Asia, as well as parts of Africa and South America.</li> </ul>


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