How to Stand Out from the Storytellers

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<b>Take your audience on a journey to leave a more lasting impact</b> <p><i>Storyshowing</i> is an instruction manual for making connections. Storytelling has been shown to be one of the most effective methods of persuasion, motivation and inspiration, yet the disconnect remains — you’re still only <i>telling</i>. To truly influence people, you need to go deeper than that — you need to <i>show</i> them your story. By inviting your audience in, you connect on a much deeper, more emotional level; you bypass the brain and connect at the root of what it means to be human, leaving a profound impact on their entire outlook. This book shows you how to transcend telling and start <i>showing</i> your story, using an easy-to-follow framework you can start applying today. Unearth your own experiences, and bring your vulnerabilities out into the light; share your emotions and forge a path to true communication. Use images, body language and gestures as tools to build that indelible connection; then and only then will people <i>truly</i> engage and transform their thinking. <p>No matter your message, the impact lies in the delivery. This insightful guide equips you with the tools and skills you need to start communicating like never before. <ul> <li>Share more powerful stories using a simple 5-step method</li> <li>Build confidence, influence others and make a deeper connection</li> <li>Be more persuasive in presentations, pitches, calls and talks</li> <li>Transform the way people think by inviting them inside your story</li> </ul> <p>The difference between telling and showing is like the difference between a lecture and a play. It’s the difference between giving information and taking the audience on a journey. The difference between a brochure and a test drive. <i>Storyshowing</i> helps you level up your communication to leave a lasting, more profound impact.


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