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The Streets is a hard-hitting gangland thriller from the bestselling author Jacqui Rose.Ten years ago, Jo Martin was released from prison after serving twelve years of a life sentence. She is now out on license – and she isn’t Jo anymore. Given a new identity by the courts, and with a different appearance, a ready-made history and even a change of age, Jo can pretend to be anyone . . .Cookie Mackenzie, is not only Ned Reid’s lover, but she also works for him. She supplies the girls – and boys – for Ned’s clients. There’s always some runaway kid who needs shelter.Natalie Ellis works at Barney’s bar. A fierce and loyal friend, she’s a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear – but should everyone really trust her to keep their secrets?Lorni Duncan needs to keep running, always looking over her shoulder, especially with a young child in tow. But how will she survive? The refuges are full, and the last thing Lorni needs is the authorities getting involved. Who is she trying to escape from?Everyone has something to hide and a lot to lose, but which of them did Jo become?]]>