Success Myth


Why our obsession with achievement is a trap… and how to break free

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Do you think you’d be happier if you won the lottery? Do you spend your days scrolling, thinking everyone else is living life better than you? Have you ever got a long-awaited promotion and thought ‘oh. Is that it?’ Emma Gannon had everything she’d longed for: a string of successful books to her name, a thriving portfolio career, speaking engagements around the world… She was also burned out and confused at why she felt unhappy, yet still striving for more. After taking a deep look at her own journey, and interviewing many other successful people on her podcast Ctrl, Alt, Delete, she has realised that our overly celebrated and traditional version of success is making us lonely, unfulfilled and dispirited. Now she has worked out a way to do things differently. Exploring the most commonly held myths about what it traditionally means to be successful, from money to happiness to ticking society’s ready-made boxes, The Success Myth will give you the belief and tools to walk away from ‘having it all’. A manifesto to craft work (and life) on your own terms, it encourages you to be honest about what truly sparks your interests, and helps to uncover your individual path to a truly fulfilling life, whatever that may look like.]]>