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*Previously published as Fully Human*A mother of small children trusts her ‘gut feelings’ and it saves her life. A young dad is able to grieve for his lost baby – using a song. What if there were parts of our minds that we never use but if awakened could make us so much happier, connected and alive? In Supersense, Steve Biddulph draws on deeply personal stories from his own life, as well as those of his clients, from the frontiers of thinking about how the brain works with the body and the wisdom of the ‘wild creature’ inside all of us. From the cutting edge, where therapy meets neuroscience, Steve Biddulph expores the new concept of ‘supersense’ – the feelings beneath our feelings – which can guide us to a more awake and free wau of living every minute of our lives. Using the Four-Storey Mansion framework, a way of using your mind that can be taught to a five-year-old, Steve Biddulph shows how even the most damaged adults can find happiness and peace. At the peach of a lifetime’s work, one of the world’s best-known psychotherapists and educators shows how you can be more alive, more connected, more fully human. From the bestselling author of Raising Boys. ]]>