Supramolecular Chemistry on Surfaces


2D Networks and 2D Structures

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<b>Supramolecular Chemistry on Surfaces 2D Networks and 2D Structures</b> <p><b>Explore the cutting-edge in 2D chemistry on surfaces and its applications</b> <p>In <i>Supramolecular Chemistry on Surfaces: 2D Networks and 2D Structures,</i> expert chemist Neil R. Champness delivers a comprehensive overview of the rapidly developing field of two-dimensional supramolecular chemistry on surfaces. The book offers explorations of the state-of-the-art in the discipline and demonstrates the potential of the latest advances and the challenges faced by researchers in different areas. <p>The editor includes contributions from leading researchers that address new spectroscopic methods which allow for investigations at a sub-molecular level, opening up new areas of understanding in the field. Included resources also discuss important supramolecular strategies, like hydrogen-bonding, van der Waals interactions, metal-ligand coordination, multicomponent assembly, and more. The book also provides: <ul><li>A thorough introduction to two-dimensional supramolecular chemistry on surfaces</li> <li>Comprehensive explorations of the characterization and interpretation of on-surface chemical reactions studied by ultra-high resolution scanning probe microscopy</li> <li>Practical discussions of complexity in two-dimensional multicomponent assembly, including explorations of coordination bonds and quasicrystalline structures</li> <li>In-depth examinations of covalently bonded organic structures via on-surface synthesis</li></ul> <p>Perfect for polymer chemists, spectroscopists, and materials scientists, <i>Supramolecular Chemistry on Surfaces: 2D Networks and 2D Structures</i> will also earn a place in the libraries of physical and surface chemists, as well as surface physicists.