Surgical Management of Spinal Cord Injury


Controversies and Consensus

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<b><i>Surgical Management of Spinal Cord Injury: Controversies and Consensus</i></b> reviews the controversies pertaining to the emergency, diagnostic, medical, and surgical management of spinal cord injury (SCI). <br /> <p>In vitro studies, animal models, and clinical outcome analyses have all failed to yield incontrovertible guidelines that define the role of surgery in SCI. As a result, there is no consensus regarding the necessity, timing, nature, or approach of surgical intervention. In this concise yet comprehensive book some of the leading authorities in the field scrutinize the scientific data and summarize the foundations of rational treatment paradigms.<br /> </p> <p>Specific topics include:<br /> </p> <ul> <li style=”list-style: none”><br /> </li> <li>the timing of decompressive surgery<br /> </li> <li>the adjunctive use of solumedrol<br /> </li> <li>management of penetrating injuries<br /> </li> <li>radiographic evaluation<br /> </li> <li>spinal stabilization<br /> </li> <li>pediatric SCI</li> </ul> <br /> <p><b><i>Surgical Management of Spinal Cord Injury</i></b> is an essential new book for all members of the patient care team involved in spinal cord injury.</p>


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