Survival Kit for an Equity Analyst


The Essentials You Must Know

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<b>Discover a one-of-a-kind blueprint to equity analyst success from an industry leader</b> <p>In <i>Survival Kit for an Equity Analyst: The Essentials You Must Know</i>, veteran analyst Shin Horie delivers a must-read, practical guide on the analysis of companies and industries. The book offers a guide to conducting industry-level analysis from a global perspective, with a particular emphasis on adjustments necessary for covering companies in emerging markets. Readers will also get:</p> <ul> <li>A robust background on the basic process flow of company analysis and valuation</li> <li>Guidelines for examining earnings drivers in major industries</li> <li>Tips on the qualitative profiling of companies and how to dig deeper to find nuance that financial statements don’t express</li> </ul> <p>Perfect for early-career equity analysts themselves, as well as corporate managers who seek to understand how their organisations will be scrutinized and examined by finance professionals,&nbsp;<i>Survival Kit for an Equity Analyst</i> offers readers an insightful narrative on the necessary ingredients for success in this demanding field.</p>