Sustainable Practices in the Textile Industry


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<p>The increasing environmental and health concerns owing to the use of large quantities of water and hazardous chemicals in conventional textile finishing processes has lead to the design and development of new dyeing strategies and technologies.</p> <p><i>Sustainable Practices in the Textile Industry&nbsp;</i>comprises 13 chapters from various research areas dealing with the application of different sustainable technologies for enhancing the dyeing and comfort properties of textile materials with substantial reduction in wastewater problems. Chapters focus on the sophisticated methods for improving dye extraction and dyeing properties which will minimize the use of bioresource products. This book also brings out the innovative ways of wet chemical processing to alleviate the environmental impacts arising from this sector. This book also discusses innovations in eco-friendly methods for textile wet processes and applications of enzymes in textiles in addition to the advancements in the use of nanotechnology for wastewater remediation.</p>