Syntax: A Generative Introduction 4e & The Syntax Workbook 2e Set


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<p><b>Get Andrew Carnie&rsquo;s <i>Syntax: A Generative Introduction, Fourth Edition,</i> and <i>The Syntax Workbook, Second Edition, </i>in a combined set</b></p> <p>This set includes both the newly revised fourth edition of <i>Syntax: A Generative Introduction</i> and the new second edition of <i>The Syntax Workbook. </i>For a generation of students, Andrew Carnie&rsquo;s introduction to syntax has provided a valuable first step into the study of sentence structure through clear, student-friendly descriptions and examples. The workbook provides extensive opportunity to practice and apply the lessons from the textbook. This combined book set provides students with all material needed for a full course in syntax. In this set, students receive:</p> <ul> <li>The newest editions of Andrew Carnie&rsquo;s textbook, updated with new material on Chomsky&rsquo;s Merge and with new problem sets</li> <li>The newest edition of the workbook, which has been updated and revised to support the fourth edition of the textbook</li> <li>Access to the companion website for additional practice sets, videos, and other supplementary material</li> </ul> <p>This combined set is ideal for undergraduates in syntax courses who will either need both texts for their courses or who wish to supplement the primary textbook with the workbook and companion website for further at-home practice.</p>