System Safety for the 21st Century


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<b>Explore an authoritative and complete exploration of basic and advanced concepts in system safety engineering</b> <p>The Second Edition of <i>System Safety for the 21st Century</i> delivers an authoritative primer on the identification, evaluation, analysis, and control of hazards to people, components, sub-systems, systems, processes, and facilities. The book offers readers a fulsome discussion on techniques within system safety, the discipline on process safety, as well as a comprehensive treatment on professionalism within the safety industry. <p>This new edition applies the concepts of system safety to medical disciplines and medical devices, offering readers the potential to have a significantly positive impact on the standing of American medical safety in the world. The latest edition also includes: <ul> <li>A brand-new chapter on the risk management with current international and U.S. government standards</li> <li>New material on process safety including EPA and OSHA implementation and external reviews</li> <li>An expanded instructor Solutions Manual that includes course content and 30 chapters of review questions and answers</li> <li>Further clarifications on difficult concepts from the First Edition with updated appendices and references</li> </ul> <p>Relevant to industry, academia, and government, <i>System Safety for the 21st Century</i> is an essential resource for anyone studying or implementing and managing proactive hazard identification and risk control techniques and procedures.


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