Tableau For Dummies


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<p><b>Tell your story and put your data into action with Tableau</b></p> <p>Tableau gives you the power to understand your data and put it in a format that is appealing and meaningful for everyone who needs to see it. Tableau&nbsp;believes that data analysis should be about asking questions, not about learning software. Their inspiring, easy-to-use products help people achieve greatness with data, so that data can reach its full potential and positively impact the world.
</p> <p>Tableau For Dummies helps Tableau users get up and running with the software so that they can put their data to work for them! Readers will navigate the user interface, connect to spreadsheets, use the drag-and-drop features to create visualizations, work with templates, create dashboards, and so much more.<br /> <br /> &bull;&nbsp;Navigate the user interface</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Connect to multiple sources of data</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Create and share custom visualizations</p> <p>&bull;&nbsp;Export your visualizations to multiple formats</p> <p>Fully updated for 2020, this user-friendly guide makes it easier than ever to get the very most out of Tableau.</p>