The 4Ds of Energy Transition


Decarbonization, Decentralization, Decreasing Use, and Digitalization

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<p><b>Enables readers to understand technology-driven approaches that address the challenges of today&rsquo;s growing energy demand and the shift towards sustainability energy</b> <p>This book provides a comprehensive account of the characteristics of energy transition, covering the latest advancements, trends, and practices around the topic. It charts the path to global energy sustainability based on existing technology by focusing on the four dynamic approaches of decarbonization, decreasing use, decentralization, and digitalization, plus the important technical, economic, social and policy perspectives surrounding those approaches. <p>Each technology is demonstrated with an introduction and sample problems. The work appropriately incorporates up-to-date data, case studies and comparative assessments to further aid in reader comprehension. Sample topics discussed within the work by key thinkers and researchers in the fields energy and economy include: <ul> <li>Renewable energy and sustainable energy future</li> <li>Hydrogen and fuel cells</li> <li>Electric mobility and sustainable transportation</li> <li>Distributed and off-grid generation, energy storage, and batteries</li> <li>Smart energy solutions, such as smart meters, smart grids and smart cities</li></ul><p>This book is an ideal professional resource for engineers and technicians working in areas related to the development of energy systems.