The Behavior of Animals


Mechanisms, Function, and Evolution

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<b>The Behavior <i>of</i> Animals</b> <p><b>An updated view of animal behavior studies, featuring global experts</b> <p><i>The Behavior of Animals, Second Edition</i> provides a broad overview of the current state of animal behavior studies with contributions from international experts. This edition includes new chapters on hormones and behavior, individuality, and human evolution. All chapters have been thoroughly revised and updated, and are supported by color illustrations, informative callouts, and accessible presentation of technical information. <ul><li>Provides an introduction to the study of animal behavior </li> <li>Looks at an extensive scope of topics- from perception, motivation and emotion, biological rhythms, and animal learning to animal cognition, communication, mate choice, and individuality.</li> <li>Explores the evolution of animal behavior including a critical evaluation of the assumption that human beings can be studied as if they were any other animal species.</li> <li>Students will benefit from an updated textbook in which a variety of contributors provide their expertise and global perspective in specialized areas</li></ul>