The Chemostat


Mathematical Theory of Microorganism Cultures

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<p>Invented by J. Monod, and independently by A. Novick and L. Szilard, in 1950, the chemostat is both a micro-organism culturing device and an abstracted ecosystem managed by a controlled nutrient flow. </p> <p>This book studies mathematical models of single species growth as well as competition models of multiple species by integrating recent work in theoretical ecology and population dynamics. Through a modeling approach, the hypotheses and conclusions drawn from the main mathematical results are analyzed and interpreted from a critical perspective. A large emphasis is placed on numerical simulations of which prudent use is advocated.</p> <p>The Chemostat is aimed at readers possessing degree-level mathematical knowledge and includes a detailed appendix of differential equations relating to specific notions and results used throughout this book. </p>


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