The CISO Evolution


Business Knowledge for Cybersecurity Executives

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<p><b>Learn to effectively&nbsp;deliver business&nbsp;aligned cybersecurity&nbsp;outcomes&nbsp;&nbsp;</b></p> <p>In&nbsp;<i>The&nbsp;CISO Evolution:&nbsp;Business Knowledge for Cybersecurity Executives</i>,&nbsp;information security experts Matthew K. Sharp and Kyriakos &ldquo;Rock&rdquo; Lambros deliver&nbsp;an insightful and practical&nbsp;resource to help cybersecurity professionals&nbsp;develop the skills they need to effectively communicate&nbsp;with&nbsp;senior management and boards.&nbsp;They&nbsp;assert&nbsp;business aligned cybersecurity&nbsp;is&nbsp;crucial&nbsp;and demonstrate&nbsp;how&nbsp;business acumen is being put into action&nbsp;to deliver&nbsp;meaningful business outcomes.&nbsp;</p> <p>The authors use illustrative stories&nbsp;to show professionals how to establish an executive presence and avoid the most common pitfalls&nbsp;experienced by technology experts when speaking and presenting to executives. The book will show you how to:&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Inspire trust in senior business leaders by properly aligning and setting expectations around risk appetite and capital allocation&nbsp;</li> <li>Properly characterize the indispensable role of cybersecurity in your company&rsquo;s overall strategic plan&nbsp;</li> <li>Acquire the necessary funding and resources for your company&rsquo;s cybersecurity program&nbsp;and avoid the stress and anxiety that comes with underfunding&nbsp;</li> </ul> <p>Perfect for&nbsp;security and risk professionals, IT auditors, and risk managers looking for effective strategies to communicate cybersecurity concepts and ideas to business professionals without a background in&nbsp;technology.&nbsp;&nbsp;<i>The CISO Evolution</i>&nbsp;is also a must-read resource for&nbsp;business&nbsp;executives, managers, and leaders&nbsp;hoping to improve&nbsp;the quality of dialogue with their cybersecurity leaders.&nbsp;</p>