The Climate City


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<p><b>Provides&nbsp;professionals in finance, technology,&nbsp;and consulting&nbsp;with solutions for&nbsp;improving the quality of urban life&nbsp;under the changing climate&nbsp;</b></p> <p><i>The Climate City</i>&nbsp;provides&nbsp;cutting-edge&nbsp;approaches for developing resilient solutions&nbsp;to&nbsp;combat&nbsp;the effects&nbsp;of&nbsp;climate change in&nbsp;cities&nbsp;throughout the world. Linking finance and technology to policy and innovation,&nbsp;this&nbsp;highly practical resource outlines&nbsp;a global framework for&nbsp;mitigating and adapting to&nbsp;climate change&nbsp;and for&nbsp;effectively planning and delivering a low-carbon future.&nbsp;</p> <p>Contributions by an international team of experts address how cities can work effectively with each other to drive change, highlight the importance of strong leadership and international cooperation, identify&nbsp;new&nbsp;economic opportunities&nbsp;driven by innovative finance and technology, explore the changing shape of cities in the coming decades, and more. Throughout the book, the authors&nbsp;address future trends such as the changing streetscape, connected infrastructure&nbsp;and&nbsp;eMobility, and&nbsp;autonomous vehicles, drones, and other emerging technologies. Designed&nbsp;to&nbsp;help&nbsp;all stakeholders build a pathway to&nbsp;a&nbsp;less resource-intensive&nbsp;future,&nbsp;<i>The Climate City:&nbsp;</i></p> <ul> <li>Provides in-depth discussion of the technological, financial, and practical aspects of tackling climate change in urban environments&nbsp;</li> <li>Demonstrates why the global economy needs to transition to a low-carbon economy&nbsp;</li> <li>Describes the role of financial&nbsp;institutions and how they can&nbsp;allocate&nbsp;capital&nbsp;more efficiently&nbsp;</li> <li>Explains&nbsp;why and how challenges and priorities are different in the global north and south&nbsp;&nbsp;</li> <li>Illustrates how&nbsp;data&nbsp;can&nbsp;improve the ways&nbsp;cities&nbsp;use energy&nbsp;resources and operate&nbsp;transportation systems&nbsp;</li> <li>Discusses&nbsp;how&nbsp;citizen&nbsp;action can&nbsp;drive&nbsp;a new, more meaningful way of living&nbsp;in cities&nbsp;</li> <li>Features insights from political leaders&nbsp;such as&nbsp;the Mayor of Copenhagen, the Mayor of Los Angeles and the former Mayor of London and&nbsp;Prime Minister of the United Kingdom&nbsp;&nbsp;</li> </ul> <p><i>The Climate City</i>&nbsp;is essential reading for city planners, policy makers, technologists, consultants, finance and business professionals, and general readers wanting to improve the cities in which they work and live.&nbsp;</p>