The Commodification Gap


Gentrification and Public Policy in London, Berlin and St. Petersburg

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<p>In <i>The Commodification Gap: Gentrification and Public Policy in London, Berlin and St. Petersburg</i>, distinguished sociologist and political scientist Matthias Bernt delivers an insightful institutionalist perspective on the field of gentrification studies.</p> <ul> <li>Explores the root causes and consequences of gentrification in the UK, Germany and Russia</li> <li>Demonstrates how different institutional arrangements have resulted in the facilitation, deceleration, or alteration of gentrification across time and place</li> <li>Based on empirical studies conducted in Great Britain, Germany and Russia and contains one of the first-ever English language discussions of gentrification in Germany and Russia</li> <li>Examines the limits of the popular “rent-gap” theory and&nbsp;proposes the novel concept of the “commodification gap”</li> <li>Reveals how different institutional contexts in the UK, Germany, and Russia, have framed the conditions for these gaps to enable gentrification</li> </ul>