The EU and Neighbors


A Geography of Europe in the Modern World

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<b>TRY (FREE for 14 days), OR RENT this title: <a href=””></a></b><br /> <br /> Europe is the second-smallest of the continents, yet it is the third most populated&mdash;and its rich history has played out on the world’s maps for centuries. The region’s borders have undergone near-continuous evolution through the rise and fall of nations, rebellions, and civilizations, and the paths these borders take have repercussions around the globe. <br /> <br />This book presents a systematic survey of Europe and individual country-by-country coverage based on the most current data. From the core of the European Union to the lesser-known corners of the continent, this book provides in-depth examination of the physical, cultural, economic, and political geography of this powerful region. Fresh perspective sheds new light on recent events including Brexit, Russia’s takeover of Crimea, terrorist attacks in France, and the EU’s newest members, while the European Union’s future is explored in light of the possible loss of the region&rsquo;s second-largest economy. With deep insight into each nation and its relationship to the region, this book offers a uniquely intimate look at the various dynamics shaping Europe today.