The Expanse and Philosophy


So Far Out Into the Darkness

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<p><b><i>Enter The Expanse</i> to explore questions of the meaning of human life, the concept of justice, and the nature of humanity, featuring a foreword from author James S.A. Corey</b></p> <p><i>The Expanse and Philosophy</i> investigates the philosophical universe of the critically acclaimed television show and Hugo Award-winning series of novels. Original essays by a diverse international panel of experts illuminate how essential philosophical concepts relate to the meticulously crafted world of <i>The Expanse</i>, engaging with topics such as transhumanism, belief, culture, environmental ethics, identity, colonialism, diaspora, racism, reality, and rhetoric.</p> <p>Conceiving a near-future solar system colonized by humanity, <i>The Expanse</i> provokes a multitude of moral, ethical, and philosophical queries: Are Martians, Outer Planets inhabitants, and Earthers different races? Is Marco Inaros a terrorist? Can people who look and sound different, like Earthers and Belters, ever peacefully co-exist? Should science be subject to moral rules? Who is sovereign in space? What is the relationship between human progress and aggression? <i>The Expanse and Philosophy</i> helps you answer these questions&mdash;and many more.</p> <ul> <li>Covers the first six novels in <i>The Expanse</i> series and five seasons of the television adaptation</li> <li>Addresses the philosophical issues that emerge from socio-economics and geopolitics of Earth, Mars, and the Outer Planets Alliance</li> <li>Offers fresh perspectives on the themes, characters, and storylines of <i>The Expanse</i></li> <li>Explores the connections between <i>The Expanse</i> and thinkers such as Aristotle, Kant, Locke, Hannah Arendt, Wittgenstein, Descartes, and Nietzsche</li> </ul> <p>Part of the popular <i>Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture</i> series, <i>The Expanse and Philosophy</i> is a must-have companion for avid readers of James S.A. Corey&rsquo;s novels and devotees of the television series alike.</p>