The Fairfax Experience


What the Management Texts Didn’t Teach Me

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Fred Hilmer completed his tenure as CEO of Fairfax in late 2005. With his academic background, he was a surprise appointment to the position that he ended up holding for seven years. <p>By 2006 Fairfax’s earnings had doubled, costs were down and revenues were up; more importantly, in a highly competitive climate, Hilmer had restored the health of the flagging newspaper and publishing empire and built a digital platform.</p> <p>In <i>The Fairfax Experience: What the Management Texts Didn’t Teach Me</i> Hilmer discusses his time at Fairfax – his mistakes and what he learned from them, the negatives of change management and how he made the tough decisions while coping with the fall out.</p> <p>A fascinating look at what it takes for leaders to achieve sustained business success <i>The Fairfax Experience</i> shows how theory can fall short in an industry dominated by strong personalities, family empires, legislative reform and the media spotlight.</p>


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