The Female Investor


Creating Wealth, Security, and Freedom through Property

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<p><b>BECOME FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT WITH PROPERTY INVESTING</B></p> <p>It’s a known fact that women are more likely to be less financially secure than men. Whether through an income pay gap, maternity leave, or a relationship breakdown, many women are forced to play financial catch-up throughout their lives. <p>In <i>The Female Investor</i>, property experts Nicola McDougall and Kate Hill deliver a surprisingly simple yet incredibly powerful call to financial action for women everywhere. This groundbreaking guide will teach you the ins and outs of the property market and reveal how you can grow a modest sum into a small fortune that will help you achieve independence, provide for your family, prepare for your retirement, and realise your best life. <p><b>Learn how to:</b> <ul><b><Li>protect yourself financially in the event of a relationship breakdown</li> <li>understand the fundamentals of the property market</li> <li>overcome gender-based financial and investing obstacles</li> <li>build your nest egg and provide for those close to you.</li></b></ul> <p><i>The Female Investor</i> is a must read for any woman ready to achieve financial independence—and anyone else who wants to support the women in their lives.