The First XI


Winning Organisations in Australia

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<i>The First XI</i> identifies 11 of Australia’s long-term top-preforming organisations and provides a comprehensive analysis of their winning framework. Taking its lead from the US bestseller <i>Built to Last, The First XI</i>  uncovers the common elements that set Australian winning organisations apart. It also looks at how winning is different in Australia. <p>Professor Graham Hubbard, Delyth Samuel, Graeme Cocks and Simon Heap, a team of respected business practitioners and academics, spent three years researching and analysing the organisations, following the rigorous methodologies used for <i>Built to Last.</i> Surveying 1000 CEOs and assessing identified organisations over a 20-year period using a variety of perspectives, they selected a final group of -long-term winning organisations – the First XI.</p> <p>In this second edition the authors also take a look at what has happened to the First XI in the years since their original study ended to answer a number of burning questions:</p> <ul> <li>Are the First XI still winning organisations?</li> <li>What does the strategic cycle in Australian organisations look like?</li> <li>What can you do to put your organisation on the path to being a winner?</li> </ul> <p>The winning framework identified in this book provides managers with a rigorous, comprehensive, challenging, but practical framework to improve their own organisation practice and performance. Will your organisation be selected for this book in 10 years’ time?</p>


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