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Like its predecessors, this fourth edition of <i>The Green Guide to Specification</i> provides designers and specifiers with easy-to-use guidance on how to make the best environmental choices when selecting construction materials and components. It is more comprehensive than its predecessors; it contains more than 1200 specifications used in six types of building: <p>• Commercial buildings, such as offices</p> <p>• Educational buildings, such as schools and universities</p> <p>• Healthcare buildings, such as hospitals</p> <p>• Retail</p> <p>• Residential</p> <p>• Industrial.</p> <p>The principal building elements covered in this edition of <i>The Green Guide to Specification</i> include:</p> <p>• Floors</p> <p>• Roofs</p> <p>• Walls</p> <p>• Windows</p> <p>• Insulation</p> <p>• Landscaping.</p> <p>The performance of each specification is measured against a range of environmental impacts, including:</p> <p>• climate change</p> <p>• toxicity</p> <p>• fossil fuel and ozone depletion</p> <p>• levels of emissions and pollutants</p> <p>• mineral and water extraction.</p> <p><i>The Green Guide to Specification</i> provides robust information to assist decision-making by translating</p> <p>numerical life-cycle assessment data into a simple A+ to E scale of environmental ratings, enabling specifiers to make meaningful comparisons between materials and components.</p> <p><i>The Green Guide to Specification</i> is an essential tool for architects, surveyors, building managers and property owners seeking to reduce the environmental impact of their buildings by informed and responsible selection of construction materials and components.</p>


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