The Handbook of Phonological Theory


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<p><i>The Handbook of Phonological Theory, second edition</i> offers an innovative and detailed examination of recent developments in phonology, and the implications of these within linguistic theory and related disciplines.</p> <ul> <li>Revised from the ground-up for the second edition, the book is comprised almost entirely of newly-written and previously unpublished chapters</li> <li>Addresses the important questions in the field including learnability, phonological interfaces, tone, and variation, and assesses the findings and accomplishments in these domains</li> <li>Brings together a renowned and international contributor team</li> <li>Offers new and unique reflections on the advances in phonological theory since publication of the first edition in 1995</li> <li>Along with the first edition, still in publication, it forms the most complete and current overview of the subject in print</li> </ul>


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