The Happiness Revolution


A Manifesto for Living Your Best Life

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<p><b>A new book by two of the biggest powerhouses in positive psychology and personal development &ndash; Dr Andy Cope and Professor Paul McGee</b></p> <p>Happiness. We chase it, we crave it&hellip;it&rsquo;s so in demand&hellip; yet so scarce and fleeting.</p> <p>But here&rsquo;s the good news. In <b><i>The Happiness Revolution: A Manifesto For Living Your Best Life</i></b>, bestselling authors Dr Andy Cope and Professor Paul McGee deliver a page-turning self-help book of the times, for the times.&nbsp; As the world wakes up to a new kind of normal, <b><i>The Happiness Revolution</i></b> challenges readers to sign up to an uprising of wellbeing and to making the most of the privilege of being on this planet.</p> <p>The book outlines a 10-point Happiness Manifesto. Grounded in the science of human flourishing and the reality of life, the principles are simple, do-able and above all make a difference not only to yourself but to others too. Let the fight back to mental wealth start right here.</p> <p>Welcome to global domination of the happiness kind!</p> <p>Discover:</p> <ul> <li>How to regain your sanity, clarity, and wellbeing, even when your smartphone, kids, spouse, job, and possessions seem to be conspiring to keep you from doing just that.</li> <li>Why it can be so hard to maintain a happy outlook when the outside world has never been so fast, complex, and unpredictable.</li> <li>How to be at your best in a world that is doing its worst.</li> </ul> <p>Happiness is the #1 thing you want for yourself and your family. <b><i>The Happiness Revolution</i></b> is an indispensable guide for everyone trying to live their best life and to spread some happiness whilst doing so.</p> <p><b>Rise Up and Be Happy! Vive la revolution!</b></p>