The Israel-Palestine Conflict


Contested Histories

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<i>The Israel-Palestine Conflict: Contested Histories</i> provides non-specialist readers with an introduction and historical overview of the issues that have characterized and defined 130 years of the still unresolved Israeli-Palestinian conflict. <ul> <li>Provides a fresh attempt to break away from polemical approaches that have undermined academic discussion and political debates</li> <li>Focuses on a series of core arguments that the author considers essentially unwinnable</li> <li>Introduces readers to the major historiographical debates sparked by the dispute</li> <li>Encourages readers to consider more useful ways of explaining and understanding the conflict, and to go beyond trying to prove who is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’</li> </ul> <p>”This volume suggests a fresh and original interpretation to the history of the Arab Israeli conflict. Caplan juggles skillfully and even-handedly between the two narratives, reflecting the parties’ own views without embracing the cause of any party.”<br /> –<b>Joseph Nevo</b>, University of Haifa</p> <p>”An impressive and very valuable work. One could not ask for a better short history of the conflict. Caplan offers readers a study that is extremely well-informed, resolutely fair-minded, and filled with thoughtful insights.”<br /> –<b>Mark Tessler</b>, University of Michigan</p>


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