The Jon Gordon Be Your Best Box Set


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<p><b>A five-volume set of bestselling author Jon Gordon&rsquo;s books on positive leadership, culture, relationships, and exceptional team performance</b></p> <p>Jon Gordon&rsquo;s compelling insights and actionable strategies have driven Fortune 500 companies, hospitals and nonprofit organizations, professional sports teams, and elite colleges and universities to achieve and sustain exceptional team performance.</p> <p><i>The Jon Gordon Be Your Best Box Set</i> presents five of the author&rsquo;s most powerful guides to positive leadership, culture, and exceptional team performance. Brimming with compelling stories, practical ideas, and step-by-step action plans, this one-of-a-kind resource includes:</p> <ul> <li><i>The Hard Hat</i>, the unforgettable, true story of George Boiardi&mdash;a selfless, loyal, competitive, and compassionate leader and teammate. Packed with powerful lessons about being a great teammate and effective exercises for building a great team, learn why great teammates don&rsquo;t just impact you today&mdash;they impact you for the rest of your life.</li> <li><i>The Power of Positive Leadership</i>,&nbsp;a practical framework based on Jon Gordon&rsquo;s research on positive leaders throughout history, and his work with those who have transformed their organizations, won national championships, and are currently making positive change in the world.</li> <li><i>You Win in the Locker Room First</i> draws from&nbsp;the extraordinary experiences of NFL coach Mike Smith to guide you on building your own winning team. Following a real-world strategy applicable to any organization, you will learn to create a great culture, lead with the right mindset, develop strong relationships, produce outstanding teams, and much more.</li> <li><i>The Power of a Positive Team</i> empowers teams to work together more effectively and achieve superior results. Jon Gordon shares innovative strategies for transforming a group of individuals into a united, positive, and powerful team.</li> <li><i>Relationship Grit,</i> the story of Jon and wife Kathryn Gordon&rsquo;s journey, including what kept them together through difficult times and what continues to sustain their love and passion for one another to this day.&nbsp;Relationships―particularly marriages―are about imperfect people coming together to work on their individual flaws and emerge stronger together.&nbsp;<i>Relationship Grit&nbsp;</i>will inspire and motivate you to engage in this remarkable and rewarding process.</li> </ul> <p><i>The Jon Gordon Be Your Best Box Set</i> is required reading for everyone wanting to harness the power of positive leadership to enhance the culture, communication, connection, and commitment of teams in their personal and professional lives.</p>