The LegalTech Book


The Legal Technology Handbook for Investors, Entrepreneurs and FinTech Visionaries

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<p>Written by prominent thought leaders in the global fintech and legal space, The LegalTech Book aggregates diverse expertise into a single, informative volume. Key industry developments are explained in detail, and critical insights from cutting-edge practitioners offer first-hand information and lessons learned. Coverage includes:&nbsp;</p> <p>&middot; The current status of LegalTech, why now is the time for it to boom, the drivers behind it, and how it relates to FinTech, RegTech, InsurTech, WealthTech and PayTech</p> <p>&middot; Applications of AI, machine learning and deep learning in the practice of law; e-discovery and due diligence; AI as a legal predictor</p> <p>&middot; LegalTech making the law accessible to all; online courts, online dispute resolution</p> <p>&middot; The Uberization of the law; hiring and firing through apps</p> <p>&middot; Lawbots; social media meets legal advice</p> <p>&middot; To what extent does LegalTech make lawyers redundant or more efficient?</p> <p>&middot; Cryptocurrencies, distributed ledger technology and the law&nbsp;</p> <p>&middot; The Internet of Things, data privacy, automated contracts</p> <p>&middot; Cybersecurity and data</p> <p>&middot; Technology vs. the law; driverless cars and liability, legal rights of robots, ownership rights over works created by technology</p> <p>&middot; Legislators as innovators</p> <p>&middot; Practical LegalTech solutions helping Legal departments in corporations and legal firms alike to get better legal work done at lower cost</p>