The Life of the Author: Maya Angelou


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<b>THE LIFE OF THE AUTHOR MAYA ANGELOU</b> <p>DISCOVER THE REMARKABLE LIFE OF MAYA ANGELOU WITH A HIGHLY PERSONAL AND DETAILED ACCOUNT OF HER CHALLENGES AND TRIUMPHS <p><i>The Life of the Author: Maya Angelou</i> delivers an engaging and thorough retelling of the life and work of the celebrated and accomplished writer, director, and essayist. The book offers readers an engrossing retelling of Maya Angelou’s entire life, from her time as a child in the segregated town of Stamps, Arkansas, to her death in 2014 in Winston-Salem. <p>Written with an emphasis on accessibility, the author avoids critical theory and focuses on Maya Angelou’s growth as a person and writer as well as the ways in which her life influenced her work. This new biography tells the story of a young black woman who overcomes poverty and endemic structural and personal obstacles to lead an accomplished life. <p>Readers will also enjoy: <li><bl>A thorough retelling of the time Maya Angelou spent in Africa and how it shaped her views and work</bl></li> <li><bl>An exploration of the screenplays written by Maya Angelou</bl></li> <li><bl>Discussions of Maya Angelou’s early life as a dancer, singer, and writer</bl></li> <li><bl>Accounts of Maya Angelou’s writing and production of television shows</bl></li> <li><bl>A fulsome treatment of Maya Angelou’s work, including her poems, autobiographies, films, music, and theatre</bl></li> <p>Perfect for undergraduate students in Contemporary Literature courses as well as general readers who love Maya Angelou and her work, <i>The Life of the Author: Maya Angelou</i> will also earn a place in the libraries of biography and literature enthusiasts who seek to improve their understanding of the life and story of Maya Angelou with a highly personal and accessible new book.