The Mental Health and Wellbeing of Healthcare Practitioners


Research and Practice

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<b>THE MENTAL HEALTH AND WELLBEING OF HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONERS</b> <p><b>Explore this innovative new volume covering the growing mental health crisis amongst healthcare practitioners</b><p>In <i>The Mental Health and Wellbeing of Healthcare Practitioners</i>, accomplished researchers and authors Esther Murray and Jo Brown deliver an insightful exploration of the theoretical and practical aspects of implementing mental health improvement within the healthcare system through a range of practical examples and cases.<p>The book also explores the possibilities available to professionals to talk about their mental health using “borrowed” words and concepts, and uncovers structural and social concerns that prevent practitioners from accessing the time and space they need to address their mental health concerns.<p>Readers will also benefit from the inclusion of topics such as:<ul><li>Borrowed words in emergency medicine and how moral injury makes spaces for talking</li><li>Finding a voice through medical student engagement in creative enquiry</li><li>Using language and discourse to explore queer identities in medicine</li><li>Stress and mental wellbeing in emergency medical dispatchers and paramedics</li></ul><p>Perfect for healthcare students, professionals, and researchers in the fields of medicine, medical education, psychology, and sociology, <i>The Mental Health and Wellbeing of Healthcare Practitioners</i> will also earn a place in the libraries of healthcare management professionals and regulators.