The Microbiological Safety of Food in Healthcare Settings


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Drawing together the work of a wide range of experts, this extremely important book provides a clear, practical account of the salient features of foodborne pathogenic microorganisms and of the particular risks that they pose to vulnerable groups of the population in hospitals, nursing and residential homes, nurseries, and in the community at large. Chapters cover the following topics: <br /> <p>• Properties and importance of microorganisms that cause foodborne disease<br /> • Surveillance of foodborne disease<br /> • Occurrence of foodborne disease in healthcare settings<br /> • Vulnerable groups of the population<br /> • Provisions for food and water<br /> • Implementation of safety systems<br /> </p> <p>Presenting a wealth of information of great importance, this comprehensive and well-edited book is a vital resource for physicians, doctors and nurses responsible for the control of infection, clinicians, physicians, public health doctors and specialists, those responsible for catering management, microbiologists, environmental health officers, food scientists and food technologists. It is also designed to be accessible to policy makers and administrators who may not have specialist training. Libraries in all universities, research establishments and medical schools where these subjects are studied and taught should have copies of this essential work on their shelves.<br /> <br /> </p>


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