The Money Revolution


How to Finance the Next American Century

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<p><b>Learn how the United States can stop and reverse its relative economic decline in this fascinating analysis of American Money, Credit and Capital</b></p> <p>In <i>The Money Revolution: How to Finance the Next American Century, </i>economist and bestselling author Richard Duncan lays out a farsighted strategy to maximize the United States unmatched financial and technological potential.</p> <p>In compelling fashion, the author shows that the United States can and should invest in the industries and technologies of the future on an unprecedented scale in order to ignite a new technological revolution that would cement the country&rsquo;s geopolitical preeminence, greatly enhance human wellbeing, and create unimaginable wealth. In this book, you will find:</p> <ul> <li>An important new history of the Federal Reserve that details the transformation of the country&rsquo;s central bank from the passive lender of last resort created by its founders in 1913 into the world&rsquo;s most powerful economic institution today.</li> <li>A fascinating discussion of the evolution of money and monetary policy in the United States over the past century.</li> <li>An examination of the role that credit has played in generating economic growth, especially since Dollars ceased to be backed by Gold five decades ago.</li> <li>A detailed description of the country&rsquo;s capital structure and its dangerous deficiencies.</li> <li>An urgent call-to-action for the United States to begin a multi-trillion-dollar investment program targeting industries of the future.</li> </ul> <p><i>The Money Revolution: How to Finance the Next American Century</i> is a page-turning read ideal for anyone interested in the future of the United States. Its gripping thesis offers anyone with a personal or professional interest in America&rsquo;s economy, financial system, or geopolitical position in the world an engrossing intellectual journey.</p>