The New Media and Cybercultures Anthology


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Moving beyond traditional cyberculture studies paradigms in several key ways, this comprehensive collection marks the increasing convergence of cyberculture with other forms of media, and with all aspects of our lives in a digitized world. <ul> <li>Includes essential readings for both the student and scholar of a diverse range of fields, including new and digital media, internet studies, digital arts and culture studies, network culture studies, and the information society</li> <li>Incorporates essays by both new and established scholars of digital cultures, including Andy Miah, Eugene Thacker, Lisa Nakamura, Chris Hables Gray, Sonia Livingstone and Espen Aarseth</li> <li>Created explicitly for the undergraduate student, with comprehensive introductions to each section that outline the main ideas of each essay</li> <li>Explores the many facets of cyberculture, and includes sections on race, politics, gender, theory, gaming, and space</li> <li>The perfect companion to Nayar’s <i>Introduction to New Media and Cyberculture</i></li> </ul>


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