The Numerate Leader


How to Pull Game-Changing Insights from Statistical Data

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<b>Learn how to make informed decisions through statistical reasoning!</b> <p>Using a qualitative approach to introduce statistical reasoning, <i>The Numerate Leader: How to Pull Game-Changing Insights from Statistical Data</i> is a cutting-edge book that helps the reader extract information from unfamiliar data sets. Combining introductory statistics with a few ideas from the philosophy of science, this work helps generalists find patterns that may be expected to recur in the future. Identifying one or two such relationships can be a game-changer for the reader and their employer or client. <p>Thomas A. King’s revelatory writing is easy to understand and conversational in tone. King makes the complex, tedious topics that you studied in the classroom&mdash;but likely didn’t yet understand&mdash;easily comprehensible. Historical examples and humorous anecdotes illuminate technical concepts so that readers may pull insights from data sets and then explain conclusions reached through effective storytelling. What’s more, the book is fun to read. <p>A natural teacher, King emphasizes that complex software is unnecessary for success in this field. Readers, however, will find: <ul> <li>Real-life examples that help put statistical concepts into an understandable context</li> <li>A glossary of important statistical terms and their use</li> <li>An appendix detailing ten math facts numerate people should know</li> </ul> <p>Perfect for undergraduate and graduate students entering advanced data analytics courses, as well as data analysts and c-suite executives just starting out, <i>The Numerate Leader</i> is key in helping develop the skills to identify provisional relationships between disparate data sets and then assess the significance of conclusions reached.