The Partnership Economy


How Modern Businesses Find New Customers, Grow Revenue, and Deliver Exceptional Experiences

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<p><b>Unlock the enormous potential of strategic partnerships</b></p> <p>You think you know partnerships, don&rsquo;t you? But the nature &mdash; and growth potential &mdash; of partnerships for business has transformed in recent years. In <i>The Partnership Economy</i>, partnership automation expert and CEO David A. Yovanno delivers an insightful, actionable guide to navigating this newly defined era and growing your company&rsquo;s revenue far beyond expectations.&nbsp;</p> <p>Using real-life examples from well-known brands such as Fabletics, Target, Ticketmaster, Walmart, and more, the book offers practical frameworks on how to unlock the value of modern partnerships. Along with showing how partnerships build brand awareness, customer loyalty, and competitive advantage, Yovanno reveals the tremendous possibilities for growth when partnership agreements work in concert across all partnership types, such as influencers, commerce content publishers, business-to-business integrations, and affiliate rewards.</p> <p>In this book, you&rsquo;ll learn:&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Why and how the most innovative companies, both large and small, and across industries, invest in their partnership programs and consequently drive up to a third or more revenue for their organization</li> <li>How a variety of partnership types, including influencers, commerce content, traditional affiliate programs, and more, operate and how each can make a difference in your business</li> <li>Why you don&rsquo;t have to wait &mdash; you can begin your partnerships strategy today, either in-house or through agency partners, with a point-by-point startup plan and roadmap for growth</li> <li>What partnership maturity means and how to diversify and grow your partnerships program to fully unleash your organization&rsquo;s growth potential&nbsp;</li> </ul> <p>Perfect for founders, executives, managers, and anyone responsible for revenue acquisition in any industry or sector, <i>The Partnership Economy</i> is an indispensable guide for anyone planning to grow their business and its revenue.</p>