The Physiological Effects of Ageing


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<i>The Physiological Effects of Ageing</i> is a comprehensive resource for all nurses working with older people, enabling them to apply their knowledge of the ageing process to their practice, and, in doing so, enhance care delivery. This book emphasizes the normal ageing changes before considering possible effects of ageing on body systems, using as its framework Roper, Logan and Tierney’s activities of living. Although problems associated with ageing are identified, nursing assessment and interventions are considered which can help reduce the impact these changes have on a person’s functional ability. <p>Special Features:</p> <ul> <li>Explores current theories of ageing</li> <li>Makes use of reflective points and points of practice</li> <li>Looks at key topics of maintaining a safe environment and communication</li> <li>Discusses error theory, free radical theory and the immune theory</li> <li>A highly accessible text which encourages holistic patient-centred care</li> </ul>


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