The Price of Prosperity


A Realistic Appraisal of the Future of Our National Economy (Peter L. Bernstein’s Finance Classics)

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One of the foremost financial writers of his generation, Peter Bernstein has the unique ability to synthesize intellectual history and economics with the theory and practice of investment management. Now, with classic titles such as <i>Economist on Wall Street, A Primer on Money, Banking, and Gold, and The Price of Prosperity</i>?which have forewords by financial luminaries and new introductions by the author?you can enjoy some of the best of Bernstein in his earlier Wall Street days.<br /> <br /> First published in 1962, <i>The Price of Prosperity</i> speaks to today’s uncertainties as clearly as to those of the past. With chapters like “The Burden of Government” and “The Economics of Democracy,” Bernstein probes the future of an economy during rapidly changing times and the appropriate role of government in determining the ultimate outcome.<br /> <br /> The questions have not changed over time, but Bernstein’s answers help us understand these issues from today’s perspective. How much government control is too much control? How much can government spend? How can government influence the level of unemployment?<br /> <br /> As Bernstein shows how to navigate an ever-changing economic landscape, his timeless insights throughout these pages make The Price of Prosperity as vital and important today as when it appeared in an environment fundamentally different from our own.


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