The Schema Therapy Workbook


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<b>The first English-language workbook designed to help clients understand and engage with schema therapy</b> <p>Schema therapy (ST) is an integrative approach for treating personality disorders (PD) and other mental health concerns that often do not respond to other treatment options. Schema therapy combines elements of psychoanalysis, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), attachment theory, and emotion-focused therapy, amongst others. <p><i>The Schema Therapy Workbook</i> is a step-by-step guide designed to help clients in individual, group, or integrated ST settings get the most out of their therapy sessions. Using jargon-free language, this user-friendly workbook explains what schema therapy is and how it works&mdash;guiding readers through each part of the ST process to achieve maximum effectiveness. The various components of treatment can be used either individually or in combination, offering the flexibility to engage with therapy in a way that meets clients’ specific needs and maintains positive changes in their lives long after formal therapy ends. Throughout the <i>Workbook,</i> descriptive text, practical tips, relatable examples, and engaging illustrations help readers understand the “modes” and “schemas” of their problems, set realistic treatment goals, develop ongoing awareness, use tools and strategies to prevent relapses, and much more. This invaluable resource: <ul> <li>Helps clients work through disorders that have limited response to cognitive therapy and other treatment approaches</li> <li>Designed for use with a wide range of clients, from those with personality disorders to those suffering from Axis I disorders such as PTSD</li> <li>Features case studies mirroring the process of therapy for clients to follow inside and outside of their sessions</li> <li>Includes patient exercises and homework assignments covering all key intervention components</li> <li>Provides a complete start-to-finish training and treatment package when combined with <i>The Schema Therapy Clinician’s Guide</i></li> </ul> <p><i>The Schema Therapy Workbook</i> is a must-have for practitioners and clients engaged in ST therapy, as well as students in evidence-based psychotherapy courses and mental health training programs.